05. JULyIO, Desvariando, Mi vida / My life


Do you ever feel like you’re carrying some weird transparent barriers that you can either close or open depending on your mood or whenever you feel like to?
I always wear one of those, my glasses. I always look in the eye, but I guess I don’t want people to look into mine, in case they get scared.

So yeah, open the gates to yourself or don’t. Leave them half-open, or half-closed. I’ve been trying to open them, wider and wider. Don’t know if it has been a good thing or a bad thing.

But many times people have told me I talk too little (cos I feel I don’t have anything to say). I also ask too many questions, they say. I like asking things, I’ve been told that’s what dialogues are for. Questions and answers. Knowing each other. But, it seems like, most of the time, people just want to vent and speak out whatever is in their heads, instead of having a real conversation. Monologuing. I hate monologuing, especially when I’m not interested in what they’re saying. It’s difficult to pay attention when that happens. But, since they’re very into their speech, they don’t notice. I hate people who can’t stop talking about themselves and then tell me “hey, you’re not saying anything”. Excusemooooi? Who’s been taaalking and taaaalking and taaaalking and taaalking without even asking how I’m doing?

Anyway, yeah… So sometimes I’m very open and outgoing and some other times I’m the opposite, but people surrounding me are a huge part of my behaviour.  (Mosquitoes are biting me).

Ahhh, but most of the time I’m outgoing but not as open. I won’t tell “important” stuff unless someone asks me first… and I feel like I should answer.



Mañana traduzco esto, que me estoy quedando dormida.